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My name is Rebecca, aka amperrlee, and this here is my little corner of the internet. By day, I'm a department head at a web marketing firm, and by night / weekend, I'm a Photographer, YouTuber and Conversationalist. I read at least three books per month, do yoga at least four times per week, and drink at least two cups of coffee per day. I love ampersands and Blue Hens and riverside cottages and oysters on the half shell and Florence and Canon and Bilbo and Buttercup. Nice to meet you!

I'm a Photographer

I have been a professional photographer on and off since graduating college - sometimes as an assistant, sometimes running my own studio. These days, I do photography for fun and my own fulfillment. If you're interested in scheduling a shoot, let me know!

I'm a YouTuber

I have been making YouTube videos on and off since April 2011. On my personal channel, I post videos about all sorts of things - cooking, books, life and more! Check out a few samples below, and don't forget to subscribe!

I'm a Conversationalist

Launched in March 2014, "amperrlee and" is my video series where I have conversations with interesting people doing interesting things. Make sure to subscribe now so you don't miss a thing!

Important Note: "amperrlee and" is currently on hiatus while I work through some new formatting ideas and scheduling hiccups!

Season One Interviews

I'm a Collaborator

Interested in collaborating on something with me?

Whether it be a video collaboration, a photography gig or just bouncing ideas off each other... I'm totally game!

Just fill out the form to the right to contact me. I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

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